Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 7:30pm

Floral Hall at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Theresa Krause, speaking on 'A Tour of US Gardens'. This will include Theresa's experiences at the ARS National Convention, held in Shreveport, LA (which is also the ARS' headquarters).

From Theresa: "(The ARS) had just finished their 5 year garden restoration project and I wanted to see what it looked like. This was my first time at a national convention and I was even on a judging team. I have
pictures of some of the winning roses that we don't seem to grow in BC.

I also included two more gardens seen on my trip - the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens outside of
Richmond, VA and the Rudolf Vander Goot Garden in Somerset, NJ, which was one of the finest public rose gardens I have had the pleasure of walking through.

My Mother loved roses and I grew up weeding her rose garden. I joined the Fraser Pacific Rose
Society (FPRS) in June 2002 after I attended their rose show at the Dogwood Pavilion in Coquitlam. At the time, I had 29 pitiful-looking roses, and after seeing all the beautiful roses in the show, I joined on the spot, since they knew something that I didn’t know and I wanted to find out what it was.

I have held most of the executive positions from 2004 to
present including President twice for the society. I joined the Vancouver Rose Society in 2010 and have served on the executive, as rose show chair and as head judge. In
2012, I attended the American Rose Society (ARS) horticulture judging program and became a certified judge in 2013. In 2023, I attended the ARS consulting rosarian
program and became a certified consulting rosarian in March 2023.

I have chaired the FPRS rose show form 2008 thru 2012 and served as head judge the past few years

I have given talks on all aspects of rose culture and judging roses. FPRS has partnered with Coquitlam’s Park Spark and I have given in-garden talks and
workshops on the roses in the Centennial Garden, pruning, planting and transplanting roses for interested community members.”

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 7:30pm


Kwantlen Polytechnic University Horticulture Instructor Maria Valana speaking on “Backyard Composting"

Image by grmarc on Freepik

Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 7:30pm

Floral Hall at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Annual Rose Auction with Brad Jalbert and Bob Price


A Blooming Tradition!

Our website includes a yearly celebration of the first blooms of every new gardening season. Although we may still be a few weeks away from experiencing what this year will have to offer across the Lower Mainland, rest assured....it's coming!

Be sure to check back regularly as we will be updating this page with photos of many 'first blooms' from across the Lower Mainland as they make their seasonal debuts over the next few weeks.

Open Gardens

Every year, many of our members throughout the Lower Mainland open their gardens to fellow VRS members to visit and enjoy the fruits of their labor and rosey inspirations.

We look forward to seeing you all at an Open Garden in 2023.