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Tuesday, April 18, 7:30pm

Floral Hall at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Egan Davis is a leader in the professional horticulture industry. He is a qualified Red Seal Horticulturalist from Vancouver, BC.


Currently, Egan is the chief instructor for the Horticulture Training Program at the University of British Columbia. With past experiences at VanDusen Botanical Garden, Park & Tilford Gardens and the Mendel Floral conservatory in Saskatoon, Egan has a unique background focused on public and botanical gardens.


For his entire career, Egan has also run a residential garden consultation, design and build company. He is a highly sought after speaker at garden clubs, professional seminars and on the radio. As a board member of HortEdBC, Egan has contributed to the industry and has a keen interest in promoting the Red Seal certificate in BC.


Egan will be speaking on Bulgarian damask roses grown for the perfume industry. The damasks are a fascinating collection of roses with their origins in Iran. Damask roses have since ancient times been used to make rosewater and "attar", rose oil. In Abraham's city of Ur 4,000 years ago, royals were buried with their soldiers, servants and food, as well as a substantial reserve of rosewater and rose oil in pots. Today, the best known oil rose is the "thirty-petal rose" Kazanlik [R. x damascene trigintipetala], which is grown over large areas of Bulgaria and Turkey to make the precious essence.

Open Gardens

Every year, many of our members throughout the Lower Mainland open their gardens to fellow VRS members to visit and enjoy the fruits of their labor and rosey inspirations.

The 2016 tour took us to some of the most beautiful gardens in our area; and with the Summer weather consistently hot and dry throughout, our roses were at their very best. Some might even say they rose to the occasion!

Plans for this year's tour are already underway, so make sure your Membership is up-to-date so you'll be ready to come 'ooh' and 'aah' with us as each weekend's schedule is announced.

Rose Show 2018

Life members Lesley Finlay and Brenda Viney with the rose show trophy named for them and Janet Wood. (Photo courtesy of Alex Waterhouse-Hayward.)

The Vancouver Rose Society will proudly host its 65th Rose Show in 2018, providing exhibitors and admirers alike a grand opportunity to celebrate the ‘Queen of the Garden’.

With hundreds of home-grown and exquisitely fragrant beauties on display, this premiere biennial event will be held next in June 2018 at VanDusen Garden in the Floral Hall.

Photos from the 2016 Rose Show can be viewed by clicking here.